• wireless network engineer jobs

    Some wireless devices (laptops, smart phones, or wireless routers) support a mode called Ad-Hoc. This allows those devices to connect together directly, without an Access Point in-between controlling the connection. This forms a different type of network - in Ad-Hoc mode, all devices are responsible for sending and receiving messages to the other devices - without anything else in between. In an Ad-Hoc network, every device must be in this role, and using the same configuration to participate. Not all devices use this mode, and some have it as a “hidden” feature.

    Ad-Hoc devices are used to create a Mesh network, so when they are in this mode, they are called “Mesh Nodes”.

    An Ad-Hoc or Mesh node is similar to an individual in a group or roundtable discussion. They can take equal part in the conversation, raising their hand when they want to speak so the others will listen. If someone at the end of the table cannot hear, one of the individuals in-between can repeat the original message for the listener.

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